Characters Edit

Class 2-C-

  • Tenma Tsukamoto

Voiced by: Ami Koshimizu (Japanese), Luci Christian (English)

Short, undeveloped and childish for her age, Tenma often is mistaken as being younger than her classmates and her younger sister Yakumo. She does not believe herself to be very pretty in the eyes of boys, even though most of them admit that she's cute. She strives to be seen as a woman, and is able to bend spoons with her mind. One of her distinctive physical features are the little pigtails in her hair, which often wiggle if she is happy or excited. She is also dense, slow and unreliable and often misunderstands obvious situations. Despite her negative qualities, Tenma is good-natured, friendly, sweet, and very determined. She enjoys professional wrestling and is a fan of the jidaigeki TV show called "The Three that were Slashed", which Kenji Harima is also a fan of. Tenma is also a relatively poor student, and both she and her sister have to work part-time jobs to make ends meet.

After knowing of Karasuma's disease, and even finding out that he lost all memories of her, she decided to transfer to the United States and continue her studies there in order to stay beside him, and she also decides to study medicine. She makes her last appearance at the end of School Rumble Z comforting her sister.

According to the last Japanese poll performed by the publishers of the manga, Tenma is currently the fourth most popular character in the series.

Her name comes from the Tsukamoto and Tenma Stations of the West Japan Railway Company.

First appearance: #01: Plan1 from Outer Space

  • Kenji Harima

Voiced by: Hiroki Takahashi (Japanese), Brandon Potter (English)

Harima is an ex-delinquent who is in love with Tenma. However he still retains aspects of his delinquent persona such as riding his motorcycle to school and getting into fights with other delinquents. He has a little brother, Shuuji, who likes Tenma's younger sister, Yakumo. The brothers get along, although they do not live together - Harima lives with their older cousin, as well as his teacher, Itoko. Harima is a fan of the jidaigeki TV show called "The Three that were Slashed", which Tenma is also a fan of.

Harima began drawing manga as a means of escape after he realized that Tenma was in love with Karasuma, inserting himself and Tenma into his storylines. He later became more serious about it after deciding to enter an amateur manga contest which he eventually won. Yakumo Tsukamoto became the only person he trusts with reviewing and assisting him with it, resulting in the both of them start spending more time together and misunderstandings with the other characters because of Harima's desire to keep his work secret.

Harima's name is once mistaken for the name of another person in class 2-D, Harry Mackenzie, because of the similarities in pronunciation. (In Japan, last names are said first.)

Harima begins the series wearing sunglasses with a mustache and goatee. He originally adopted this look to avoid being recognized as the boy who saved Tenma from a thug the previous year, because he had been subsequently accused by her of being a pervert. Tenma apparently no longer remembers that incident, and Harima also tries to change the subject when she is on the verge of remembering. His hair is pulled back with a headband, leaving an ahoge. He also undergoes several changes in appearance throughout the series. The style he sports most often in the anime is sunglasses without a mustache and goatee, which lasts from the last few episodes of the first season and throughout the entire second season. In the manga, Harima grows back his mustache and goatee and returns to his old look, making it the style he sports for the longest time.

His name comes from Harima Province.

First appearance: #01: Plan1 from Outer Space

  • Oji Karasuma

Voiced by: Hiroki Konishi (Japanese), Eric Vale (English)

Oji is Tenma Tsukamoto's love interest, depicted as a stonefaced and eccentric genius. Although it seems like Tenma's feelings for him are unrequited, behind his poker face he shows true concern for her in the story. His parents live in the United States. In the beginning of the story, Karasuma announced he was moving to another city, to the despair of Tenma who wrote him an absurdly long anonymous letter (because she forgot to put her name in) asking him to not leave. Whether her plea worked or not is a mystery, but for some reason he chose to stay. But Tenma's days near her beloved seem to be numbered as he apparently was allowed to stay for only another year. As the school year goes on, the two get increasingly closer thanks to Tenma's own incredible determination to be with him. He had been hospitalised in previous chapters due to a disease. In chapter 264, Karasuma reveals his love for Tenma.

Karasuma is secretly a famous mangaka, publishing his works under the pen name of Nijō jō (二条丈). Harima discovered this while pursuing his own ambitions to become a mangaka, which combined with the discovery that Tenma was in love with Karasuma, resulting in him hating Karasuma for a time, but later reconciled with him.

His name comes from Karasuma Street in Kyoto.

First appearance: #01: Plan1 from Outer Space

  • Eri Sawachika

Voiced by: Yui Horie (Japanese), Leah Clark (English)

From her introduction onwards, Eri is characterized as having a dual nature. Talented, beautiful, wealthy, and popular, she is admired and envied by her classmates for the glamourous lifestyle that many believe her to lead. In reality, however, Eri uses this image and her outward confidence to mask her inward feelings of loneliness and insecurity. Her social status makes her unapproachable to many of her classmates and leaves her somewhat isolated from her peers. Even at home, her parents are away on business more frequently than not. The process by which Eri grows and matures, as she starts to develop deeper friendships and searches for love, forms the backbone of one of the main plotlines in the story. She also develops feelings for Harima, but denies it.

Born into wealth, Eri is the daughter of a prominent English businessman. Her mother is from Kyoto, Japan. Although Eri was born in Japan, she moved to England for her early schooling before returning to Japan to attend high school. As a result, her knowledge of kanji is limited, causing her to occasionally make humorous linguistic mistakes.

Eri's most striking features are her amber eyes and long blond hair (which she usually ties into pigtails), which signify her mixed British-Japanese heritage. While she is often admired for her looks, her origin is occasionally the subject of derisive remarks, such as during the class trip to Kyoto.

Harima's nickname for Eri is "Ojō (お嬢)", as a somewhat mocking reference to her status. This is not to be confused with "Ojō-sama (お嬢様)" (lit. "lady"/"miss"), which is a formal title used by Nakamura and the rest of the Sawachika family's household staff to address Eri. "Ojō" is the short form of "Ojō-sama". Because Harima isn't trying to be polite, he doesn't use "sama". In the English dub, Harima would call her by the name "Rich Girl."

First appearance: #07: Death Race 2003

  • Mikoto Suo

Voiced by: Hitomi Nabatame (Japanese), Brina Palencia (English)

Mikoto is a close friend of Tenma Tsukamoto. She is a well-endowed young woman, but is also tomboyish. She has a black belt in Kenpo, and is often seen sparring with her childhood friend Haruki Hanai. Mikoto is a good athlete, learning how to swim when she had to, and becoming a competent basketball player in a short amount of time.

Although she is always trying to help out others when she sees them in trouble or having emotional/relationship problems, she is a rather klutz when it comes to facing her own relationship emotions.

She is married to Hanai in School Rumble Z, and is pregnant with his child. Although she is happy, she finds that she is often neglected because Hanai is too busy.

First appearance: #08: The Great Escape

  • Akira Takano

Voiced by: Kaori Shimizu (Japanese), Trina Nishimura (English)

The president of the Tea Club and a close friend of Tenma Tsukamoto, Mikoto Suo and Eri Sawachika, Akira is very perceptive, resourceful, intelligent, and also very mysterious. She has the ability to see through the true intentions of people, and her enigmatic face always hides schemes she creates to help her friends or play pranks on her classmates.She is never seen smiling. The only time when her pranks failed is once involving her dressing up in a penguin suit and trying to catch her tea club members in an embarrassing position (the prank backfired upon herself). Her favorite victim is Haruki Hanai who for some reason she dislikes, though in recent chapters she has given him a kiss indicating possible interest. It is mentioned early on in the series that she has numerous part time jobs and tries not to spend the earnings. One particular short as well as a moment in the opening credits indicates that Akira is in actuality a hitman, though this may be little more than a gag considering that it has been revisited several times and involving other characters.

More about Takano's background is revealed later in the series. She is the daughter of a Journalist and has a younger half-sister, Motoko Hiragi, who tends to be sick frequently.

In School Rumble Z, she has taken the profession of an international agent. She is hired by Eri Sawachika to help Mikoto and Hanai with their current problem. Akira targeted Ganji Nishimoto who was the source of Hanai's problems. Using a high-tech camera she secretly takes pictures of Nishimoto trying to bribe others into voting for him. The pictures are then leaked to the public, causing Nishimoto to resign from his campaign to become mayor.

Her name comes from Mount Kōya, the kanji for which can also be read as Takano.

First appearance: #09: The Girl Who Knew Little

  • Haruki Hanai

Voiced by: Shinji Kawada (Japanese), Chris Cason (English)

As class representative of 2-C, Hanai takes his duties seriously, always trying to keep his classmates (especially the males) in line. Unable to have second thoughts, he always says exactly what comes into his mind regardless of the consequences. Although he is against perversion, he occasionally cannot help himself from temptations such as viewing sexy photos of Itoko Osakabe under the excuse of validating their authenticity or "consficating" Ganji Nishimoto's entire porn tape collection. As a child, he was shy, weak, and always been bullied by other children. That changed with a little help from his childhood friend Mikoto Suō.

He is married to Mikoto in School Rumble Z, but at times neglects her because he is too busy. He is campaigning to be Mayor of Yagami. He was framed by Nishimoto, who is also biding to be mayor of Yagami, and that just about puts his dream of being mayor away. But later he was able to resume campaigning after Akira Takano dealt with Nishimoto.

First appearance: ♭01: Wonder Woman

  • Kyousuke Imadori (今鳥 恭介 Imadori Kyōsuke)

First appearance: #17: Field of Dreams

Voiced by: Daisuke Kishio (Japanese), David Trosko (English)

Imadori is the class's number two pervert (the pervert ringleader being Ganji Nishimoto) earning him the nickname Hummingbird. He has the special skill of knowing a girl's bra size just by looking at her chest. Interested only in girls with breast sizes of D or larger, the main targets of his flirting are the well-endowed Mikoto Suo and Lala Gonzalez, and he continues to pursue them constantly although they are strong enough to beat him down. Imadori has some physical abilities, such as being strong enough to grapple Hanai to a standstill. He works in a hair salon called "Now Bird", which on top of being a business his family owns, is a direct reference to the family name. He enjoys the tokusatsu show "Hatenkou Robo Dozibiron" (a Super Sentai/Power Rangers parody). Despite constantly avoiding any involvement with Ichijō, he sometimes shows some interest in her, such as when he was admiring her singing during the cultural festival party, or cares about her, because he saved her from a night club from Suzuki. He also has a more sensitive side to him, which he shows towards Lala when he tries to get her to smile at her part-time job, even at the cost of getting walloped by her.

It is later shown in School Rumble Z that though after graduation, both Karen and Imadori go separate ways, both of them have fully acknowledged they have feelings for each other. After defeating him in a wrestling match, Imadori gives her a ring, calling her "a beautiful winner," accepting his feelings for her.

  • Takeichi Fuyuki (冬木 武一 Fuyuki Takeichi)

First appearance: #22: Duel

Voiced by: Hiroyuki Yoshino (Japanese), Orion Pitts (English)

The class' number 3 pervert, Takeichi Fuyuki pretends to take photos of the girls in the school for the yearbook, but in reality sells them to the other male students. A member of the astronomy club, he later becomes close to Tsumugi Yuuki, who also wears glasses.

  • Kentarou Nara (奈良 健太郎 Nara Kentarō)

First appearance: #36: Boy meets Girl

Voiced by: Yuuki Tai (Japanese), Todd Haberkorn (English)

Kentarō Nara is a side character who has feelings for Tenma, but his attempts to get closer to her are often foiled by Harima. Curiously, according to the mangaka, his original intentions were to have Nara as the series' main character, but somehow he was relegated to a supporting role. He is now often seen as a reluctant participant in various escapades with Yoshidayama and Nishimoto. Nara is both a city and prefecture in the Kansai region of Japan, near Kyoto. Additionally, Nara Prefecture is said as Nara-ken in Japanese.

  • Karen Ichijou (一条 かれん Ichijō Karen)

First appearance: #47: Girl Fight

Voiced by: Yuuka Nanri (Japanese, 1st series, OVA), MAKO (2nd series), Carrie Savage (English)

Ichijō has monstrous strength despite having a weak and feminine appearance and is a member of the amateur wrestling club. Her power amazes even her strongest male classmates (i.e., she is arguably even stronger than Harima and Hanai in terms of raw muscle strength, for she could carry a piano without any signs of physical stress, while the other two were on the verge of breakdown while trying hard to carry objects of the same size). It would also seem that she is not able to control her strength well, as shown when she nearly suffocates Tenma when trying to cover her mouth so that she does not blurt out secrets. Lala Gonzalez is her only rival in this regard, but has not been able to physically defeat her (In fact, Ichijo defeated her with her ultimate move, the "Frankensteiner"). Despite this, Ichijō has not reciprocated Lala's antagonism, always remaining polite towards her. Later the two seem to have developed into friends.

Despite her strength she has a kind nature and is one of the more timid girls in 2-C. She is in love with Imadori, but gets embarrassed when this is hinted at. Imadori also initially avoids her, not only because of her small measures (later it is revealed that she does have considerably large breasts), but also because he fears her strength. She is also a good singer, and her singing is featured in episodes 2 and 6 of School Rumble - Second Term.

When Imadori met her practicing wrestling and asked her why she liked it, she said that she really did not want to do wrestling. Later, when Imadori, along with Harima and Hanai were working for a moving company, they found out that Ichijō was also working with them as well as how strong she was. At the end of their shift, Imadori accidentally said that he could take Karen out on a date with his earnings, which Karen agrees to, even though Imadori did not really mean it. As the series progresses, Karen falls deeper in love with Imadori but continuously lacks the courage to act out. She is rewarded when she finally defeats him in a wrestling match however, with an indirect confession from him.

Karen is currently the 6th most popular character in the most recent popularity poll, making her the most popular character outside the main characters.

Ichijō-dōri is the northernmost of Kyoto's numbered east-west avenues, which in the east extends to the Kyoto University campus and the precincts of Yoshida Shrine.

  • Hiroyoshi Asou (麻生 広義 Asō Hiroyoshi)

First appearance: #20: Love is War

Voiced by: Mitsuhiro Ichiki (Japanese), J. Michael Tatum (English)

The Dark Horse of 2-C, Asō Hiroyoshi is often seen together with Suga, his best friend. An athletic student, his favorite sport is basketball. He is slated to become the next captain of the boys' basketball team, and was the coach of the girls' team as well. He also excels at track events and hockey. Asō's family runs a ramen shop. He is good at cooking Chinese food and works part-time at a Chinese restaurant together with Sarah Adiemus of 1-D.

Asō is reputed to be popular among girls, although this is not explicitly shown. He, on the other hand, does not appear to have much interest in girls with the exception of Mikoto, who he dated several times. Their relationship progressed to the point of Mikoto's parents inviting him over to a family dinner. The two have since broken up, for reasons not made entirely clear.

Asou is currently the 10th most popular character in the most recent popularity poll, making him the only other male character in the top 10 aside from Harima.

  • Ganji Nishimoto (西本 願司 Nishimoto Ganji)

First appearance: #03: Deep Space Nine

Voiced by: Shun Takagi (Japanese), Jaime Rivera (English)

Ganji Nishimoto is a huge but timid figure, and is the proud "leader" of the perverts of the class. His family operates a video store, and he is known to host "ero meetings" discussing girls. He is hailed as "Buddha Nishimoto (仏の西本)" among other reasons, for his ability to grant the wishes of the students, usually involving erotic material. Some of his lines end with 'dasu (だす)' instead of the normal 'desu (です)' for some unknown reason. While his warm mentor-like demeanor and stash of "treasures" make him popular with many of the males in 2-C, his talents are less appreciated by the girls, especially Ootsuka Mai, who has known him for a long time. While he gets along great with most of the boys in his class, he has misgivings about students who actually have girlfriends.

He sits in the "Box Seat," having switched with Tenma under the pretense of having poor eyesight. Most students avoid that seat, since it is directly in front of the teacher. However, Nishimoto immediately recognizes the seat's advantage for his classes with Osakabe Itoko.

His name comes from the Nishi Honganji (the same character for Hon (本) can be read as moto).

  • Shigeo Umezu (梅津 茂雄 Umezu Shigeo)

First appearance: #58: The Four Seasons

Voiced by: Naoto Motohashi (Japanese), Kevin M. Connolly (English)

Shigeo Umezu is a boys' track team member and the boyfriend of Madoka Kido. He received his first kiss from Madoka during the athletics festival, after an incident on the track related to Kenji's pet pig, Napoleon. Lately he is constantly depressed as he discovers more and more evidence indicating that Madoka is cheating on him. Umezu is an area of Western Kyoto.

His name comes from pro baseball player Shigeo Nagashima.

  • Madoka Kido (城戸 円 Kido Madoka)

First appearance: #58: The Four Seasons

Voiced by: Tomoe Ōmi (Japanese), Jennifer Green (English)

Madoka is on the track team and a very fast runner according to Shigeo, who is her boyfriend. Unfortunately for him, he is not the only one she is dating and she is willing to go to an extraordinary length to keep that fact private, including kissing Ryuuhei when he saw the former dating one of her other boyfriends.

  • Jirou Yoshidayama (吉田山 次郎 Yoshidayama Jirō)

First appearance: #02: Easy Rider

Voiced by: Hirotaka Nagase (Japanese, 1st series), Makoto Tomita (OVA, 2nd series), Mike McFarland (English)

Yoshidayama is the delinquent wannabe who dreams of ruling the school, only to see his best laid plans foiled by the fact that there are students much stronger than him, such as Harima. He has feelings for Eri, but later turns to Tae Anegasaki, the school's infirmary nurse. Yoshidayama plays a lead role when with his two friends Nara and Nishimoto. After bathing, he usually wears his hair in two pigtails, making him look like a female from behind. His birthday is on . However, he doesn't receive any chocolate from any girls on Valentine's Day, which makes him really depressed. Harima usually mistakenly calls Yoshidayama as "Yoshida (吉田)". Yoshidayama is a mountain on which Yoshida Shrine is situated, in Northeastern Kyoto.

  • Ryuuhei Suga (菅 柳平 Suga Ryūhei)

First appearance: #20: Love is War

Voiced by: Makoto Yasumura (Japanese), Robert McCollum (English)

Ryuuhei is a close friend of Asou and belongs to the boys' basketball team. In the story he is currently looking for a girlfriend, and is angry that Asou always got the attention of girls. Recently, he has been seen more often with Nishimoto and Yoshidayama, often replacing Nara in the trio of hopeless bachelors. The three of them even made a vow to go through life without a kiss, although soon after the vow, Madoka Kido kisses him (although she did so to silence him after he witnessed her on a date with a man other than her boyfriend). He resembles Hanamichi Sakuragi from the basketball manga and anime Slam Dunk, particularly in the hairstyle aspect.

  • Tsumugi Yuuki (結城 つむぎ Yūki Tsumugi)

First appearance: #68: Mouse Hunt

Voiced by: Chisa Tadokoro (Japanese), Laura Bailey (English)

Tsumugi Yūki has severe near-sightedness, and is the only meganekko in the class. She is the substitute class representative when Hanai is unavailable. She also had a crush on him, but is worried about Mikoto, who being a childhood friend of Hanai, gets along well with him. She belongs to the astronomy club.

Yuukitsumugi is a type of silk usually used for making kimonos.

  • Mai Otsuka (大塚 舞 Ōtsuka Mai)

First appearance: #68: Mouse Hunt

Voiced by: Michi Yamazaki (Japanese), Kate Oxley (English)

Mai has been class representative for nine years straight, functioning in this capacity when Hanai is absent or unable to perform his duties. Unlike him however, she has trouble commanding her classmates' attention. Mai has freckles, is hyperactive, and likes fairy tales (though she denies it herself). According to the "ero society" data, she hides a fair-sized bust for some reason. She also likes mahou shoujo, and often imagines herself as the central character of her own show. Mai has known Nishimoto since kindergarten, and disapproves of his unabashed interest in porn. Her name is quite a pun to Ai Otsuka, a Japanese pop idol.

  • Kazuya Tanaka (田中 一也 Tanaka Kazuya)

Voiced by: Daisuke Hirakawa (Japanese), Greg Ayres (English)

Tanaka is captain of the soccer team. He took advantage of the situation during the survival game to ask Toki to go out with him. It is explained that they have become a couple ever since. It is assumed that him and Nagayama are getting married.

His name comes from the anime version's music director Kazuya Tanaka.

  • Toki Nagayama (永山 朱鷺 Nagayama Toki)

Voiced by: Miki Ohtani (Japanese), Stacey Oristano (English)

Toki Nagayama is a beautiful girl with long black hair. She went out with Kazuya Tanaka after 2-C's survival game, and they became a couple. Her hair looks similar to Karasuma's. In San Gakki, she wears a ring on her wedding finger implying that she and Tanaka are getting married.

  • Ayano Kinugawa (鬼怒川 綾乃 Kinugawa Ayano)

First appearance: ♭14: Picture Perfect

Voiced by: Satomi Hanamura (Japanese), Amber Cotton (English)

Ayano is a track team member. She works at her family's sentō, so she is used to seeing naked bodies.

  • Megumi Sagano (嵯峨野 恵 Sagano Megumi)

First appearance: #115: Whispers in the Dark

Voiced by: Ai Horanai (Japanese), Caitlin Glass (English)

Megumi Sagano is close friends with Karen Ichijou and Tsumugi Yuuki. She belonged to the girls' basketball team when she was in junior high, but became the manager for the boys' basketball team because there was no girls' team in high school. Though she seems concerned about her classmates' relationships, she does not seem to care about her own, and thus has no boyfriend. The Sagano Line refers to the portion of the San'in Main Line within Kyoto Prefecture.

  • Saeko (冴子)

First appearance: #118: Carnival Story

Voiced by: Maria Yamamoto

Saeko, like Rinko, has an unspecified family name. She has few appearances in both the manga and anime, and is usually seen together with Kozue Mihara. She is apparently quite popular, being the "number one" girl in 2-C's cafe attraction, and has a talent for writing fanciful stories and getting obstinate males to do her bidding.

  • Kozue Mihara (三原 梢 Mihara Kozue)

First appearance: #59: Groundhog Day

Voiced by: Madoka Akita (Japanese), Monica Rial (English)

The trendiest girl in 2-C, Kozue Mihara is the gyaru stereotype of the class. She is usually seen together with Saeko. She is apparently quite athletic: she goes bodyboarding, is a member of the wrestling team, and participated in the girls' relay event at the school sports festival. She is bad at karaoke.

  • Rinko (隣子)

First appearance: #05: Enter the Dragon

Voiced by: Maria Yamamoto (Japanese), Majken Bullard (English)

Rinko is an originally unnamed girl who sits next to Harima. A Japanese fansite named her Rinko, literally meaning "the neighbor girl", and the anime was influenced to name her as such. Rinko's name was revealed to be Junko Tonami in the last chapter of the manga after a character addressed her as 'Jun-chan'. The actual name was seen on the 2-C attendance list in the beginning of the manga.

  • Hiroaki Ishiyama (石山 広明 Ishiyama Hiroaki)

Voiced by: Motoyuki Kawahara (Japanese), Ian Sinclair (English)

Ishiyama has a limited sense of presence as other people call him "the other person". He is a friend of Tanaka and a participant in Nishimoto's ero meetings.It is revealed in b-39 that he was in love with Toki Nagayama before she and Tanaka became a couple.

  • Mina Yukino (雪野 美奈 Yukino Mina)

First appearance: #17 Field of Dreams

Voiced by: Tomoko Mogi (Japanese), Jamie Marchi (English)

Yukino's only distinguishing feature is her wavy hair. She is often seen in the background with Rinko and was part of the Tea Shop team during the survival game. She has remained unnamed in the manga and her name was introduced in the anime.

  • Saitou (斉藤)

A boy who usually appears in the background, he was not formally introduced in the story until the Kyoto storyline. Saitou has an interest in Ayano Kinugawa, but the latter apparently does not reciprocate the interest.

  • Kaori (かおり)

A girl with short hair. She is the least seen character in 2-C. Her name was known only after it appeared on the 2-C cafe menu in the manga.

  • Shin Misawa (三沢 伸 Misawa Shin)

Voiced by: Katsuya Miyamoto (Japanese), Anthony Bowling (English)

Shin Misawa's first appearance occurs during the Survival Game, where he is a member of the Cafe Faction. He is commended by his teammates for his bravery and sacrifice during the game.

Class 2-D

  • Harry Mackenzie

First appearance: #69: The McKenzie Break

Voiced by: Nobuyuki Hiyama (Japanese), Jason Liebrecht (English)

Harry Mackenzie is a blonde-haired exchange student, skilled at fighting and a rival of Harima and Hanai. His name sounds like Harima's name when pronounced fast, which leads to more than a few misunderstandings between the two. He is once mistaken as Harima Kenji by Hanai. He rides a gold-coloured motorcycle with a Hyaku decal and often wears red clothing and red shades, making him a parody of Char Aznable's Quattro Bajeena persona. His name may come from Harry Ord from Turn A Gundam and Christina MacKenzie from Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket. He was first mentioned in chapter 2 of the manga when Yoshidayama misread his name and told Harima that the latter was in class 2-D. He is popular with the opposite sex and can easily attract them.

  • Lala Gonzalez (ララ ゴンザレス Rara Gonzaresu)

First appearance: #60: Trading Places

Voiced by: Yū Kobayashi (Japanese), Monica Rial (English)

Lala is an exchange student from Mexico, and a skilled practitioner of Lucha libre, which she learned from her father. She belongs to the same amateur wrestling club as Ichijō, who she sees her as a rival, often shouting "Ichijō!" when she meets her. Lala dislikes Ichijō's name because her mother, who abandoned her and her father when she was a child, was also named Karen. Her first name is probably based from the Gundam character Lalah Sune.

She detests the D-cup-hunting pervert Imadori, especially when he managed to grope her chest while being choked. She thus tends to beat him up whenever she sees him after sufficient provocation. Lala works in the same fast food restaurant as Ichijo, where no one dared to go to her counter because of her violent temper. She even grabs customers that annoy her and drags them inside for a beating. Lala's closest friends appear to be Harry Mackenzie and Masakazu Togo, who both look out for her. Later on, her animosity towards Ichijo softens. Her character is the direct opposite of her rival Ichijō, being that she is tall, well-endowed, sour-faced, hot-tempered, and very easily provoked.

  • Masakazu Togo (東郷 雅一 Tōgō Masakazu)

First appearance: #71: Renegade

Voiced by: Hiroki Yasumoto (Japanese), Travis Willingham (English)

Masakazu is 2-D's class representative who sees class 2-C as rivals. Despite his obvious self-confidence, his character leads him to rejections from his classmates. He is a parody of Gundam character, Anavel Gato. Recently Masakazu has shown some interest in Tenma, to Harima's distress. He is often seen with Harry Mackenzie. Some people around him usually refer to him with an alternate nickname "Macaroni", probably because he likes to put Italian words in his sentences. He has a tendency to burst into extremely long inspirational speeches either involving 'facing challenges head on' or 'how to be manly'. As the series progressed, his self-confidence and passion for facing challenges 'head on' have become so extreme that his actions and ideas often border on sheer stupidity and often contain a startling lack of regard for the safety and well-being of others, like when he said that they should just charge the ocean liner the students (including himself) were in straight into a giant reef instead of going around it because it was 'the manly thing to do'. His appearance is often followed by the American national anthem, because he also has the tendency to (subtly) refer to himself as an American, or at the very least, hint that he has lived in the US when he was younger.

He is a skilled sportsman and martial artist, similar to his main rival Hanai in that he takes such things very seriously. His appearance is based from Shuutaro Mendou of Urusei Yatsura.

  • Noboru Tennouji (天王寺 昇 Tennōji Noboru)

First appearance: #06: You Got Mail

Voiced by: Tomoyuki Shimura (Japanese), Sonny Strait (English)

Tennouji is a delinquent like Harima, who he sees as his biggest rival, and has been beaten by him in fights numerous times, yet still persists in challenging him, stopping after he eventually defeats Harima due to the latter's depression. Tennouji tends to wear his winter uniform even during the summer, and is often shown much larger than he really is (he is as tall as a mountain during the athletics festival). Tennouji's little sister Mio likes Harima's brother, Shuuji. He also shows interest in Tenma (temporarily) and Mikoto. Tennoji-ku, and Tennoji Station are respectively, a neighborhood and train station in Osaka.

class 1-D

  • Yakumo Tsukamoto (塚本 八雲 Tsukamoto Yakumo)

First appearance: #01: Plan1 from Outer Space.

Voiced by: Mamiko Noto (Japanese), Caitlin Glass (English)

Beautiful and smart, Yakumo is the most admired girl in the school and Tenma's younger sister. She somehow displays the ability to read the minds of those who find her attractive, represented by floating text next to their owners. This is often used to comedic effect, such as when she is able to detect Haruki Hanai from a distance without even seeing him and tries to go the other way, but is soon "trampled" by the wildly rampaging thoughts of multiple infatuated boys. This may or may not be genetically related to Tenma being able to bend spoons with her mind. Yakumo is also a far superior cook to Tenma (who claims to somehow burn everything she cooks, including water), and is usually the person to prepare meals around their home. Despite her many qualities, she has never had a boyfriend, having turned down at least eight would-be suitors. Because of her many talents, Yakumo is scouted by several school clubs. She declines joining most of them, however, because she dreads having to spend time together with the infatuated Haruki Hanai, who follows her with the intention of joining the same clubs. Thanks to a ban on Hanai decreed by Akira Takano, Yakumo is now a member of the Tea Club along with her best friend Sarah Adiemus. She showed romantic interest Towards Kenji Harima. In the anime she confessed to him (in a flashback scene). Later they were rumored to be a couple a lot of times, were Eri Sawachika always try to interfere because she also likes Kenji Harima.

In School Rumble Z, Yakumo still works as an assistant to Harima and helps him with his manga.

  • Sarah Adiemus (サラ アディエマス Sara Adiemasu)

First appearance: ♭03: It's a Beautiful Day.

Voiced by: Yukari Fukui (Japanese), Gwendolyn Lau (English)

The best friend of Yakumo Tsukamoto, Sarah is distinguished by her blonde hair done up in a bun. She is a British girl raised in an orphanage, and is a relative newcomer to Japan. She is frequently seen together with Yakumo, as they are classmates and members of the Tea Club. With her cheerful and positive attitude, she does her best to support Yakumo, particularly on the latter's relationship with Kenji Harima and her difficulties with the unwanted attentions of Haruki Hanai. She stayed over with Yakumo to accompany her while Tenma was away for the Kyoto trip.

Sarah has several part-time jobs outside school. She is a nun at a local church, performing duties such as hearing confessions, playing the organ, and babysitting children. This is slightly incorrect, since nuns do not hear confession, and are rarely minors. Although her position as a nun may preclude her from pursuing romantic relationships, she reveals in a conversation with Akira Takano that she may have an eye on someone indicating that she may be a novice; furthermore, at least one hopeful student has expressed interest in her. Aside from her duties as a nun, Sarah also works with Hiroyoshi Asō of 2-C at a Chinese restaurant, waiting tables and cooking.

Sarah is currently the 7th most popular character in the most recent popularity poll.

  • Satsuki Tawaraya (俵屋 さつき Tawaraya Satsuki)

First appearance: #125: Heat

Voiced by: Mariya Ise (Japanese), Cherami Leigh (English)

Despite being short for her age, Satsuki Tawaraya is a passionate and prodigiously talented basketball player. She had a crush on Asou after he took up a role as coach of the nascent girls' basketball team. Later it is shown that she is really good at eating spicy curry, having won a spicy curry eating contest five consecutive times.

  • Miki Inaba (稲葉 美樹 Inaba Miki)

First appearance: #69: The McKenzie Break

A friend of Yakumo. She is a big fan of Eri, who she admires for her popularity. She is romantically interested in Hanai.

  • Haruna Tougou (東郷 榛名 Tōgō Haruna)

First appearance: #69: The McKenzie Break

Masakazu's sister.


  • Itoko Osakabe (刑部 絃子 Osakabe Itoko)

First appearance: Volume 2, Special Chapter: The Time Machine

Voiced by: Yuu Asakawa (Japanese), Stephanie Young (English)

The physics teacher and Harima's older cousin. Itoko is also Harima's roommate and guardian, although she makes him pay for his share of the rent. She later evicted Harima after he volunteered to become engaged to Eri as a favor, resulting in him residing with Yakumo and Sarah in the Tsukamoto residence. Though she does not show it, she does care for him and realises just how much Tenma has changed him. Her figure is admired by the perverted boys of Class 2-C. She has a fear that her past will get brought up, a weakness which Sasakura uses against her.

"Itoko" is also homonymous with the word "cousin" in Japanese which makes it a pun. Due to this pun, when Harima says "my cousin" it can be mistaken that he is saying "my Itoko".

Itoko is currently the 8th most popular character in the most recent popularity poll.

  • Youko Sasakura (笹倉 葉子 Sasakura Yōko)

First appearance: ♭04: Haunted

Voiced by: Akiko Kurumado (1st series), Aya Hirano (2nd series), Lydia Mackay (English)

The art teacher and an old friend of Itoko, who was her junior during their college years. On several occasions, it is hinted that she and Itoko are more than just friends, although this has never been confirmed outright. It has also been hinted that she has always been trying to get closer to Itoko during their high school years. She seems to know (and share) an important part of Itoko's past, and though not deliberately, has used this against Itoko to gain favors or company a few times. She has very good driving skills.

  • Tae Anegasaki (姉ヶ崎 妙 Anegasaki Tae)

First appearance: #29: The Boy Can't Help It

Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara (Japanese), Colleen Clinkenbeard (English)

The school's infirmary nurse who is also loved by the boys. This has encouraged many boys to get injured or feign injury so that they can get close to her. Prior to taking this job, she briefly let Harima stay at her apartment when his dream of becoming a mangaka was temporarily crushed after he found out that his idol, the mangaka Nijō jō was really Karasuma. Anegasaki is attracted to Harima and calls him affectionately by his pen name "Hario", although Harima has rejected her advances. Her belief in and support of Harima helped him get over his depression and return to school. She later becomes the faculty sponsor for the girls' basketball team.

Harima refers to her as "Onee-san" (literally Older Sister). For the first five volumes of the manga, she is unnamed, and is referred to in the list of characters by this nickname. The first character of her surname ("ane") in fact means "older sister" in Japanese, and is the "nee" in "Onee-san".

  • Hayato Tani (谷 速人 Tani Hayato)

First appearance: #03: Deep Space Nine

Voiced by: Makoto Yasumura (Japanese), Kent Williams (English)

Class 2-C's homeroom teacher, who teaches English. Tani is very soft-spoken and collects toy dinosaurs. He likes Tae Anegasaki, but every time he tries to hit on her, she clings to Harima affectionately, making him run away in jealousy and shame. He initially thinks Harima is homosexual when the latter accidentally sent him a love letter and asked him out on a date, Tenma being the intended party both times.

  • Katou (加藤 Katō)

First appearance: #73: Cookie's Fortune

Voiced by: Hitoshi Bifu (Japanese), Mark Stoddard (English)

The Class 2-D homeroom teacher who has an unlikeable personality. He is a huge chatterbox and likes talking about mundane topics like Japanese history nonstop. Like his homeroom students, he is yet another Zeon parody, bearing a strong resemblance to Gihren Zabi.

  • Kooriyama (郡山 Kōriyama)

First appearance: #60: Trading Places

Voiced by: Hiroki Yasumoto (Japanese), Jim Foronda (English)

The physical education teacher, often referred by the class of 2-C as "Goriyama" (literally gorilla-mountain)due to his gorilla-like physique. His methods are very strict, and he makes it known to every student of Yagami High School (usually Class 2-C) how he thinks a responsible student should behave. Failure to comply with his ideals will result with some sort of disciplinary punishment. His tyrannical personality is very similar to most PE teachers in both Eastern and Western school-related media. His name is actually Japanese for "ice mountain", indicating his coldhearted, strict nature.

  • Nenji Ryuu (笠 稔持 Ryū Nenji)

First appearance: #02: Easy Rider

A legendary harbinger of failure who appears during the end-of-term examination period. He is seen only by students who are performing poorly in class. He has managed to haunt, on separate occasions, Kenji Harima, Tenma Tsukamoto, and Jirou Yoshidayama. He first appeared to Harima to tell him that he has to repeat his first year. His name, when read in the Japanese last name-first name order, actually sounds like "repeating school year"