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Season 1 episodes Edit

The New School Year! Be Still My Heart!/Love Letter Mayhem!/Warp Speed on a Bike! Edit

                                            The New School Year!  Be Still My Heart!: Tenma Tsukamoto is an ordinary girl who is about to enter her second year of high school, hoping to be in the same class with her crush, Oji Karasuma. On the other side of the coin, Kenji Harima is a delinquent boy who is in love with Tenma, and he wants to be in the same class as her, but he finds that he's been held back a grade.

Love Letter Mayhem!: When Tenma discovers that Karasuma is going to transfer soon, she tries to reveal her feelings for him by writing a love letter. Harima does the same thing and writes a love letter for Tenma, but when he goes to the rendez-vous point to meet Tenma, his rival Tennoji is waiting there, wanting to challenge Harima to another fight.

Warp Speed on a Bike!: Tenma and Harima try to get closer to the crushes by bicycling to school together.

Tough Test!/Trapped in the Bathroom!/The School Physical! Edit

                                            Tough Test!: Tenma and Harima's class is taking an English test, but Tenma forgets to write her name on her paper. If someone doesn't write their name on their test paper, then that person will automatically fail that test. So, Harima tries to subliminally tell Tenma to write her name before the test is over.

Trapped in the Bathroom!: Embarrassed of Karasuma seeing her come out of the girl's washroom, Tenma uses bathroom tools to help her escape from the little girl's room undetected.

The School Physical!: There is a physical examination at school, and Tenma is determined to find out Karasuma's personal information by disguising herself as a nurse.

See and Sketch!/Letter on an Arrow!/Pajama Party Confessions! Edit

                                            See and Sketch!: For art class, Tenma must sketch a portrait of her partner, Karasuma, and vice-versa. However, Tenma is too nervous about working with her crush that she's too afraid to even look at him!

Letter on an Arrow!: Tenma tries to send her love to Karasuma by shooting arrow letters as seen on her favorite TV samurai drama.

Pajama Party Confessions!: Tenma and her girl friends have a slumber party, where the girls give Tenma advice on how to confess to a guy. Elsewhere, Harima eavesdrops on two other girls talking about the same things as Tenma's group.

Epilogue: Tenma decides to take a different way home. She hopes that Karasuma will save her when she gets attacked by a molestor. She does get attacked, but it is not Karasuma who saves Tenma. It is in fact Harima, disguised as a policeman.

Pigs Go Oink!/Cats Go Meow!/Frogs and Water Imps Go Ribbit! Edit

                                            Pigs Go Oink Oink!: It's time for a school field trip. Tenma aims to sit next to Karasuma on the bus, whereas Harima wants to sit next to Tenma. Unfortunately, Harima gets on the wrong bus and ends up in a truck full of pigs.

Cats Go Meow!: Yakumo tries to care for a stray black cat. She also meets the straightforward Hanai Haruki, who is deeply in love with her.

Frogs and Water Imps Go Ribbit!: On a rainy day, Tenma hopes to walk home with Karasuma under an umbrella together, only to find out that Karasuma is walking

Burning First Love!/Burning Tea Party!/Burning Softball Match! Edit

                                            Burning First Love!:  Harima tells Itoko, his cousin and a teacher at his school, about how he and Tenma first met and how he fell in love for her.

Burning Tea Party!: Since Yakumo has joined the Tea Club, Hanai hopes to get into the club as well. But first, he must pass a tea-tasting test.

Burning Softball Match!: Tenma's homeroom class decides to play a game of softball. Unfortunately, Tenma is terrible when it comes to sports.

Survival After School!/The Arrival of Confession Time!/The Two of Us in the Hospital! Edit

                                            Survivng After School!:  Tenma gets herself locked in the school gym's closet.

The Arrival of Confession Time!: Harima now knows that Tenma likes someone, but he doesn't know who that someone is. Harima jumps to the conclusion that the person that Tenma likes is himself. So, he decides to finally confess his love to her.

The Two of Us in the Hospital!: Harima ends up in the hospital, and Tenma decides to visit him.

Pool Cleaning!/Pool Riots!/Pool Wars! Edit

                                            Pool Cleaning!:  Hanai makes Tenma, Harima, and the rest of Class 2-C clean the school pool.

Pool Riots!: A game of pool hockey is played to decide what Tenma's class is going to do for the upcoming Cultural Festival.

Pool Wars!: 2-C's camera otaku Fuyuki causes trouble at the pool when he goes overboard with taking pictures of the girls.

First Grocery Shopping!/First Boxed Lunch!/My First Heartbreak! What? Edit

                                            First Grocery Shopping!:  Eri goes grocery shopping for the first time.  She's buying ingredients for a dinner she is making for someone.

First Boxed Lunch!: Tenma makes a boxed lunch with curry inside so that she can eat with Karasuma, since curry is his favorite food.

My First Heartbreak! What?: Harima gets so depressed after seeing Tenma eating lunch with Karasuma that he stops going to school.

Manga Tragedy!/Older Sister Tragedy!/The Big Mr. Kappa Tragedy! Edit

                                            Manga Tragedy!:  Harima tries to turn his life around by becoming a manga-ka, but his dreams are soon shot down.

Older Sister Tragedy!: Harima is then taken in by an older woman named Anegasaki Tae.

The Big Mr. Kappa Tragedy!: Tenma's pet cat Iori gets lost, and it is soon found in a lake. Will Harima find the courage to save the cat in front of Tenma's eyes?

Please God!/Please! Real Animal Fortune Telling!/Please! Tenma-chan! Edit

                                            Please God!: Mikoto injures her hand after a day of martial arts practice. She prays to God for her hand to get better so that she can write for a test. A person who looks like God comes and solves her problem. That person can also tell fortunes with his many animal friends. The God look-alike is in fact Harima!

Please! Real Animal Fortune Telling!: Tenma runs off after learning how Karasuma prefers curry over her. Harima chases after Tenma to confess his love to her.

Please! Tenma-chan!: Harima decides to go back to school one last time to confess to Tenma. If she rejects him, then Harima will quit school.

Nara!/Karasuma!/Harima! Edit

                                            Nara!: Tenma and her girl friends spend the day at a water amusement park, where they meet a group of boys who want to go out with them. One of those boys is Nara Kentarou, who secretly likes Tenma.

Karasuma!: On a rainy day, Tenma goes to a bus stop where she meets Karasuma. She worries if Karasuma doesn't like her after that curry incident.

Harima!: Tenma and the girls decide to go to the beach for their promised date with Nara and the boys. But, Harima wants to come along too.

At The Sea, Help!/Naked, Help!/Really, Seriously, Help! Edit

                                            At The Sea, Help!:  Tenma and the gang head for the beach.

Naked, Help!: Harima, naked at the moment, tries to find his swimming trunks, but Eri walks in on him and sees him naked. Harima fears that Eri will mistake him for being a pervert. So, he tries to shut Eri up by hand-gagging her, but the situation goes from bad to worse!

Really, Seriously, Help!: After picking male partners, Tenma and her girl friends begin to learn how to swim. Nara sees this as his chance to get closer to Tenma, but Harima is intimidating Nara to prevent him from doing so. Also, Mikoto and Imadori get swept away by the current and wind up in a cave. They try to think of ways on how to get back to shore.

Mission 1 is the Confession of Love!/Mission 2 is the Night of Offense and Defense!/Mission 3 is Pii-Pyororo! Edit

                                            Mission 1 is the Confession of Love!: Tenma tells Harima that she knows that there is a person on this trip that he likes and that Harima hasn't confessed to that person yet. So, Tenma gets Harima to practice confessing to her, even though she's really the person that Harima secretly loves.

Mission 2 is the Night of Offense and Defense!: It's the last night of the beach trip, and everyone is sound asleep, except for some of the boys, who are pretty restless.

Mission 3 is Pii-Pyororo!!: After rummaging through his old things, Hanai reminisces about his past; he remembers how he and Mikoto became friends.

Later, when the Tsukamotos' air conditioner gets broken (by Tenma) on a hot summer day, Yakumo (purposely) loses in a game of Janken and must wait at home for the repairman to fix the AC while Tenma is out. However, the repairman calls and says that he cannot fix it today. So, Yakumo house-sits by herself and reminisces of the past while waiting for Tenma to come back.

Have You Seen it Before?/Not That Cute, Is She?/Please Take Care Of Me! Edit

                                            Have You Seen It Before?: Tenma invites Eri and Mikoto over for a study session. Eri arrives first and asks Tenma some questions about... a man's body.

Not That Cute, Is She?: The friendship between Eri and Mikoto is on thin ice after Eri makes a comment on how Mikoto isn't all that cute. Meanwhile, Harima gets a part-time job and is now fixing Tenma's air conditioner. Harima also meets Yakumo for the first time.

Please Take Care Of Me!: Harima gets another part-time job. He is now working with Imadori, Hanai, and Ichijou, a female classmate who turns out to be ridiculously strong.

With Summer!/With Friends!/With Launching Fireworks! Edit

                                            With Summer!: Harima writes another manga, but he soon runs into Eri, who he thinks knows about his manga. Harima meets up with Mikoto, but when Eri catches up to Harima, she thinks that Mikoto is on a date with him. Eri runs off, and Mikoto chases after her.

With Friends!: Hanai thinks that Harima hurt Mikoto. The two boys then get into a fight. Meanwhile, Mikoto gets a message that her old tutor, Kouzu, is returning home.

With Launching Fireworks!: It's the night of the summer festival. Finally, Mikoto and Eri become friends again.

It's Actually The Tea Club.../It's The Tea Club, Though.../That's Because It Is The Tea Club... Edit

                                            It's Actually The Tea Club...: Tenma, her sister, and her girl friends go camping as an activity of the Tea Club. Harima, Hanai, and Imadori soon follow. Harima talks with Yakumo and asks her questions about what Tenma said about him that one day. However, when Tenma sees Harima with Yakumo, Tenma thinks that he is hitting on Yakumo.

It's The Tea Club, Though...: Tenma goes into "Onee-chan Power" mode and challenges Harima. She plans on pairing up with Harima in the upcoming test of courage and then get into a one-on-one match with him. Harima, however, thinks that this is Tenma's move to confess her love to him.

That's Because It Is The Tea Club...: It's time for the test of courage, and as planned, Tenma is paired up with Harima. However, it begins to rain. Harima and Tenma seek shelter in an abandoned scho

Mid-Summer Giraffe's Night Out! End of Summer Panic Party! Summer's Over–Back to School! Edit

Giraffe's Feeling in the Peak of Summer!: Yakumo and the tea club take care of one of Harima's animal friends, a giraffe named Pyotr. Later, a young boy runs away from home and seeks shelter in Tenma and Yakumo's home.

A Panic Party in the End of Summer!: Harima, Yakumo, and the tea club decide to move all of Harima's animal friends to the Yagami temple. However, Harima and the gang will have to deal with a news team to keep the animals from getting captured.

Summer's Over, So We're Changing Now!: Summer has ended, so it's time for the 2nd semester of school. Tenma discovers that there have been a lot of changes that happened over the summer, including Karasuma getting a mustache!? So, Tenma tries to get herself into thinking that moustaches are great, which gets Harima into thinking that he should grow out his facial hair.

Meanwhile, Akira is in Italy helping a young boy get revenge for his dead parents.

Karen's Love, Still a Long Way to Go!/Karen's Love, Little by Little!/Karen's Love, And Then... Edit

                                            Karen's Love, Still a Long Way to Go!:  Ichijou remembers the date that Imadori promised her, but Imadori doesn't recall it at all.

Karen's Love, Little by Little!: Ichijou's date with Imadori has been set, but unfortunately, Ichijou also has a wrestling match on the same day as her date. But, never fear! Tenma's here!

Karen's Love, And Then...: Things seem to have gone well after Icihjou's date with Imadori, but Tenma doesn't think so, since Imadori still likes Mikoto.

Dream of Art!/Pray to God!/And Wish Upon a Star! Edit

                                            Dream of Art!: There is news circulating through the school about Itoko being a model for an art exhibit, and the theme is nudity! Of course, all the guys are excited about this, except for Harima and Hanai. But, when they hear about Tenma and Yakumo helping out the art exhibit, they get fired up too!

Pray to God!: Yakumo takes part in a mock wedding ceremony as the bride, and Hanai is the groom. Harima hears about this, but he thinks that it's Tenma who's the bride. So, Harima and Hanai get into another fight.

And Wish Upon a Star!: Tenma and her girl friends are going to see a meteor shower and make wishes. Unfortunately, it's raining heavily on the day in which the shower is supposed to happen.

It's Gone!/This Is Gone Too!/Whatever Will We Do! Edit

                                            It's Gone!:  Eri accidentally cuts off Harima's beard.  She tries to apologize to him, but it's not that easy for her.

This Is Gone Too!: Harima writes another manga, but he is advised to get a friend to proofread the manga. The problem is that Harima has no friends! Luckily, Harima gets Yakumo to read his manga and help him edit and improve it.

Whatever Will We Do!: Harima meets with Yakumo again to review his manga, but when Hanai sees the two together...

Extra Story: The story of class 2-D's Lala Gonzalez, Ichijou's rival, is told.

Hanai's Counterattack!/Karen's Flash!/Reunion with Onee-san! Edit

                                            Hanai's Counterattack!: Hanai returns from his training and learns that Harima Kenji has just saved two girls from a gang. Hanai rushes to where Harima was last seen. He finds that an entire gang has been beaten up, but it was not Harima Kenji who did it. Instead, it was.. Harry McKenzie?

Karen's Flash!: Lala decides to have lunch with Ichijou, but things go bad when Imadori starts provoking Lala. Also, class 2-D's Harry McKenzie and Tougou Masakazu challenge class 2-C at the upcoming Sports Festival.

Reunion with Onee-san!: Harima is too embarassed about his baldness to go back to class. So, he decides to go sleep in the school's infirmary. But, word is that there is a new school nurse, and it happens to be Harima's Onee-san, Anegasaki Tae!

Extra Story: 2-C's teacher Tani-sensei gets cookies as a gift from Tae. He decides to save the cookies for later. However, 2-D's teacher Katou-sensei ate Tani-sensei's

The War Has Started!/Intense Kibasen!/This Is Super Chaotic! Edit

                                            The War Has Started!: The sports festival has begun! Class 2-C has won a lot of events, putting them in first place. 2-C is currently one point ahead of 2-D, and the last two events are the Kibasen and the Baton Race.

Intense Kibasen!: 2-D and 2-C's performance in the Kibasen event forces the other classes to use unorthodox methods to win.

This Is Super Chaotic!: The arrival of 2-D's Tennouji has become a BIG turning point in the Kibasen game. Harima and Eri have to put aside their differences and cooperate if they want to topple Tennouji. Then, the Kibasen event reaches its climax as 2-D's Lala and Harry face off against 2-C's Ichijou and Hanai!

The Women's War!/The Men's War!/The War Is Over... Edit

                                            The Women's War!:  It's the women's relay race, and Eri is participating.  But, will her injury from the Kibasen event affect her running?

The Men's War!: The last event of the sports festival is the men's relay race. 2-D is currently winning with a score of 245 points. 2-C's boys need to win this event if they want to defeat 2-D.

The War Is Over...: The school sports festival has ended, and now it's time for the school dance. However, since Harima's bald head has been exposed, he is sitting all by himself. But, a girl wants to dance with him, and that girl is... Eri?!

Irritation. Indecision. Wandering Edit

Fretfulness: There are rumors going around the school about Harima and Eri dating each other. Since Harima knows that he no longer has a chance with Tenma, he asks Yakumo to get something from off his desk and change the nametag on it. The thing was supposed to be Harima's love story, but Yakumo accidentally picks up a shirt that was meant to be a present for Harima from Eri, who ends up thinking that Yakumo is dating Harima.

Hesitation: Karasuma's birthday is coming up soon. So Tenma tries her best to bake a cake for him.

Wandering: Harima (whose hair has grown back) begins a new life on a ship at sea. However, the crew of the ship does not think highly of him.

Boooo!/Puwaan!/Gyuiin! Edit

                                            Boooo!:  The captain of the ship decides to turn the ship around to return Harima back to Japan.

Puwaan!: Tenma goes shopping with Harima to buy a present for Karasuma's birthday (since Tenma failed to bake a cake 25 times).

Gyuiin!: Harima tries to write a manga to enter the rookie manga artist contest, but the deadline is sooner than he thought. So, Harima asks Yakumo to help him finish his manga. Elsewhere, Tenma meets with Karasuma and tries to confess to him, but she

A Sudden Goodbye Edit

                                            Harima rushes to enter the rookie manga artist contest.  He soon runs into Eri.

Tenma and Iori (the black cat) switch bodies!

Tenma meets with Karasuma and plans to confess to him on his birthday, but it turns out that...